What is the concept of ARTlistic?

ARTlistic was founded in April 2020 during the Corona crisis. The goal is and was from the beginning to offer artists a quick financial support. We buy the artworks of the artists* directly. This is almost unique in the art market. The artist gets immediate money for his/her artwork in a few days.

We take care of the resale afterwards. In doing so, the artist benefits from the advertising we place and the variety of sales channels we use.

Among others, we are represented on the following portals:

The multitude of portals also helps the artist, as this guarantees an enormous reach on the Internet and one’s own name is thus published on several websites, which increases the reach and thus increases awareness.

How do you earn money?

We take a very high financial risk, because we do not work on a commission basis, but buy the artworks directly from the artists and then look for a buyer. We place advertisements for each work of art in the value of the purchase price. Of course, we include all of this in our selling price, so we add a certain percentage to the purchase price. And we are honest: We also have to & want to earn money with it, just like any other entrepreneur.

Why is your company called MIID UG (haftungsbeschränkt)?

The meaning of MIID abbreviation is “My idea is yours”. The founder Sören Tänzer wants to keep the option open with the name to also realize other ideas in the environment of art & the internet and has not limited himself to ARTlistic when choosing the name of the company.

The choice of the legal form UG (Unternehmensgesellschaft) haftungsbeschränkt differs from the GmbH in the amount of the share capital, which must be contributed upon formation. Of course, we have the ambition to convert our UG (haftungsbeschränkt) into a GmbH (limited liability company) at some point.